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Stefano Bertozzi clarinets, alto sax
Massimo Eusebio percussion
Serena Santificetur alto sax, clarinets
Samanta Balzani tenor sax, alto sax
Luigi Faggi trumpet, flugelhorn, electronics
Eusebio Martinelli trumpet, susaphone
Emiliano Rodriguez soprano sax, tenor sax
Massimo Semprini tenor sax, soprano sax
Enrico Benvenuti baritone sax, soprano sax
Federico Tassani trombone, tuba
Antonio "Nijen" Coatti trombone, conch shells, electronics
Nicolò Fiori double bass
Roberto Gazzani double bass
Giacomo Depaoli percussion
Ivan Macrelli electric guitar, percussion

Characterised by a substantial winds and percussion section, Banda Olifante's line-up comprises a core of 12 players supplemented by a pool of permanent collaborators and special guests who take turns in live shows and studio sessions. Led by Stefano Bertozzi and Massimo Eusebio, the band offering a repertoire influenced by the best popular band tradition, yet mindful of sound experiments ranging from improvisation to western cultured composition, from klezmer to afro-funk.
That’s Banda Olifante. An authentic fusion brass band expressing a warm homage to the brass universe; a tribute to popular band music characterised by intricate yet ever transparent polyphonies, articulated through infectious rhythms of transnational branding.

Among the various and motley artistic collaborations of Banda Olifante’s members, are important to mention those of Stefano Bertozzi and Massimo Eusebio with Randy Bernsen and Franco Caforio of Litfiba; Massimo Eusebio’s with Milan band Rosso Maltese; Emiliano Rodriguez's with Gianluigi Trovesi, Enrico Rava, Paolo Fresu and Orchestra della Scala; Enrico Benvenuti's and Luigi Faggi's with Raphael Gualazzi, Javier Girotto, Kenny Wheeler, Massimo Manzi and Bruno Tommaso; Massimo Semprini's with Thollem Mc Donas and Tony Coe; Antonio Coatti’s with Gianni Gebbia, Misha Mengelberg and Chris Cutler; Federico Tassani’s with Ladri di Biciclette, Dirotta su Cuba, Andrea Guerra, Andrea Mingardi, Bruno Tommaso, Carla Bley and Steve Coleman; Nicolò Fiori's e Ivan Macrelli's with Gattamolesta; Eusebio Martinelli's and Samanta Balzani's with Vinicio Capossela.